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Elected Officials

Larry Phillips, State Representative
Keith Gary, Grayson County Sheriff
Kelly Ashmore, Grayson County District Clerk
Gayla Hawkins, Grayson County Treasurer
Bruce Stidham, Grayson County Tax Assessor
Reggie Smith, Chairman, Grayson County Republican Party
Jared Johnson, Mayor of Denison
Cary Wacker, Mayor of Sherman
Angela LeBlanc, Mayor of Bells
Tom Byler, Mayor of Southmayd
Larry Cooper, Mayor of Van Alstyne
Allen West, Mayor of Whitewright
Janet Gott, Denison City Council
Teresa Adams, Denison City Council
Bill Malvern, Denison City Council
Ken Brawley, Denison City Council
Matt Hanley, Denison City Council
Michael Baecht, Denison City Council
Ryan Johnson, Sherman City Council
Kevin Couch, Sherman City Council
Tammy Johnson, Sherman City Council
Jason Sofey, Sherman City Council
Terrence Steele, Sherman City Council
Horace Groff, Former County Judge
Tim McGraw, Former County Judge
Trent Bass, Former County Treasurer

Law Enforcement

Keith Gary, Grayson County Sheriff
Scott Barrett, Police Chief, Bells
Bryce Kennedy, Police Chief, Gunter
Carl Hudman, Police Chief, Howe
Ron Blackwell, Police Chief, Southmayd
Jason Wall, Police Chief, Whitewright
Tim Barnes, Police Chief, Van Alstyne
Randy Roach, Police Chief, Collinsville
Curtis Macomb, Police Chief, Tioga
John Moore, U.S. Marshal, Retired
Johnny Waldrip, Texas Ranger, Retired
Charles Cary, Texas DPS, Retired
Merle Collins, Texas DPS, Retired
John Hunt, Former Police Chief, Tom Bean
Jay Burch


Chip and Tiffany Adami
Tom and Melida Ailshire
Tom Akins
Abel and Judy Aleman
Lane and Yona Aleman
Dr. Ken and Mendy Anderson
Kerye and Kelly Ashmore
David and Christy Baca
Michael Baecht
Paul Bailey
Scott Bandemir
Shelby Barnette
Ron Barton

David Bayless, Jr.
David and Donna Bedgood
Joel and Kerry Bedgood
Jason Bethel
Kent and Karen Black
Ray Bledsoe
Kyle and Ashley Boothe
Andrew and Jennifer Bossen
John and Lesa Boswell
Mike and Jeanna Brandon
Robert Brady
Cynthia Brandt
Don and Sharon Brazeal
Britton Brooks
Al and Mickey Brown
Mrs. Frances Brown
Susan Brown
Dr. Tim and Esther Brummit
Dr. Mark Buckner
Jay and Delayna Burch
Don and Mary Burcham
John Bullard
Dr. Robert Burlingame
Jeff and Carrie Butts
Dr. Jim Caskey
John and Beth Carroll
Bob and Patsy Cathey
Dwain and Loretta Chaffin
Steve Cook
Dr. Michael Courtright
Ray C. Davis
Robert and Lisa Crawley
Bob and Carol Crocker
Trey and Susannah Crosthwaite
Norman and Rebecca Denton
Dan and Cindy DeYoung
Mike and Denna Ditto
Juston and Amber Dobbs
Sean and April Donovan
Bill and Joan Douglass
Brad and Rena Douglass
Tim and Buffy Dungan
John and Kimber Elmore
Todd and Jennifer Estes
David Frierson
Scott and Jamie Galyon
Jerdy and Anne Gary
Sam and Jeanie Graber
Dean Sr. and Gail Gilbert
Dean Jr. and Tracy Gilbert
Chris and Kim Gillespie
Tracy and Tonya Goins
Ken and Kristi Gouge
Dr. Charles and Johnnie Graham
Obie Greenleaf
Horace Groff
Brad and Stephanie Hammett
Lacy and Dorothy Harber
Jack Hall
Erenstine Harrell
Leta Hatfield
Don and Bobbie Hays
Joe Henderson
Randy and Kim Hensarling
Dr. Robert Hernandez
Cora Lou Higgins
Randy and Holly Hopkins
Carl and Brandy Hudman
Gary and Connie Huntington
Danny and Susan Hutchins
Brenda Jennings
Ryan and Mandy Johnson
Tammy Johnson
Tom and Peggy Johnson
Joey Jordan
Lou and Dee Keating
Eric and Leigh Ann Kloppers
Pete Kloppers
Mark and Cindy Kuneman
Johnny and Victoria Lamb
Dr. Ken and Mary Lawrence
Jack Lilley
Bill Lindsay
Dr. Clint and Leah Long

Roger and Bunny Luttrell
Joe Madden
Scott and Kim Marr
Dr. Darrius and Karen Maggi
Shelley McBride
Nat and Kathleen McClure
Jack and Mitzi McEvoy
Mike and Lynne McKinley
Ed and Paula Meacham
Don Merriman
Dennis and Kelly Michael
Dr. Paul Millman
Larry Millson
Bob and Honey Minshew
B.A. “Bart” Mitchell
Shane and Courtney Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Matt and Julie Muirhead
Ben and Susie Munson
Peter Munson
Dr. Amin and Shirley Musani
Riley and Lanetta Nix
John and Laurie Nix
Dr. Jack and Barbara Noble
Andy and Stacey Olmstead
Ellis Olmstead
Lee and Julie Olmstead
JoAnn Osburn
Dr. John and Shell Papaila
Kyle and April Patterson
Todd and Claire Petelski
Debbie Plyler
Chuck and Sheryl Pool
Robert and Patty Pool
Van and Karen Price
Dale and Lana Rideout
Herman Ringler
Dr. Brad Rue
Joe and Beverly Rushing
Roger Sanders
Bob and Lola Sanford
Ron and Marcia Seal
Dr. Peter and Stacey Selz
Michael Scully
Bob and Patsy Sholl
Brandon and Jennifer Shelby
Clyde Siebman
Brett and Shelly Smith
John Hunter and Amy Smith
Reggie and Sherilyn Smith
Reggie and Stephany Smith
Kris Spiegel
David Spindle
Terrence and Angelia Steele
Willie and Keri Steele
Dr. Easwar Sundaram, Jr.
Jeff and Stephanie Sutton
Kristina Mazzant-Thorpe
Felix and Eryn Tormos
Sue-Lynn and Trent Voigt
Larry Watkins
John Watt
Mary Wiley
Dr. Anne Webb
Linda Welch
Fred and Bobbi White
Mitch and Katie Wiggains
Mike and Andrea Wiggins
Andy Wilkins
Jeff and Lisa Wilson
Don Charles and Lisa Whitley
Rob and Angie Wilson
George and Barbara Woodruff
Eddie and Brenda Young
Woody Young